What Deep Space Network Engineers can teach couples 900 million miles apart (or less)

Aerospace engineers can teach couples how to communicate better than anyone on earth.  I found out how when I went to a goodbye party last week at Cal Tech. The Cassini spacecraft had just finished its mission to Saturn, and NASA’s JPL invited the public to come celebrate.  The twenty-seven year voyage collected vast new[…]

The Secret to Passion and Desire

Desire is the fuel for passion.   Security, safety and reliability are basic needs in a marriage, but adventure, novelty and mystery are also needed to revive and stir up the passion.  Surprise your spouse this Valentines Day–and any day–with something new and different. Stir up the passion and desire. Use your imagination again!  Learn[…]

Going the Distance to Twenty Five Years and Beyond: Making Your Marriage Loving, Lasting and Strong

My wife and I recently crossed the 25 year mark in our marriage, still as happy and close as ever. The occasion reminded me of how we felt when we crossed the finish line in our first half marathon—in down-pouring rain.  Although we were soaking wet with shoes full of water, we crossed the line[…]

Let it Go: If Nelson Mandela Did It, So Can You

Live long enough and you will have reason to feel bitter about someone or something in your life.  Since life is not fair (remember life is life and fair is fair) and since the world doesn’t live by the Golden Rule, everyone carries bruises somewhere in their heart. As the biblical Proverb says, “Each heart[…]

The Groom that Called in a Bomb Threat on his Own Wedding

Every couple has conflict about something. He forgot to pay a bill, she left the garage door open all night. There are opportunities to argue about something nearly every day. Emotionally smart spouses know how to communicate through these times constructively. They face each other during conflicts with respect until they face each other again in[…]

The #1 Searched Question on Google

Google just released their annual Zeitgeist report on the most searched words and questions in 2012.  The report from the world’s largest search engine summarizes the top ten lists from 1.2 trillion searches in 146 languages.  What do you guess is the top searched question in the world? Words that made the top ten search list include Whitney Houston,[…]

Is Your Dog a Better Spouse than You?

Your wife comes home from a long day at work. As usual, she’s excitedly greeted at the door and   shown uncontainable affection.  All of a sudden she relaxes and feels glad to be home and glad to be alive.  No, its not her husband that missed her all day and welcomes her back.  Its the dog. Although dogs[…]

Got Doubts? What Your Cold Feet May Be Telling You

Many singles have doubts about their partner before the wedding and carry those doubts all the way to their wedding day.  A new research study recommends that such premarital doubts should be taken very seriously.  Your doubts may be warning lights or even stop lights for you to postpone or call off the wedding. Does he drink too much?  Is she[…]