July 22, 2013

Pasadena Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy

Marriage Counseling Can Make Your Relationship Better

All couples experience difficulty in their relationship. In the beginning, you couldn’t wait to start your life together… but now you may not even talk to each other. That is why couples in Pasadena seeking a professional and qualified marriage counseling specialist like Rick Rupp, MFT.

  • Has your marriage drifted apart or been shaken by an affair?
  • Are your differences causing you to consider divorce?
  • Has your fun and laughter been replaced with criticism and pain?

If you’ve stopped talking or are stuck in problems, counseling can help you start talking again and restore the love in your marriage.

We’ll explore how to have less conflict and get…

  • More talking and more listening.
  • More affection, both verbally and physically.
  • More trust and respect.
  • More laughter, grace and gratitude.
  • More loving again.

Get started by giving us a call to discuss your needs and questions. Your first step to a better future is a phone call away. I look forward to meeting you and hearing about your goals and needs.

Marriages that startPasadena Marriage Counseling | Couples in Love off with hopes and happiness can end up drifting apart or totally broken from distrust, anger, betrayal and unforeseen changes. When the passion and romance has turned into broken dreams and disappointment, Pasadena Marriage Counseling can help. Take the first step forward and contact Rick today.

Save your marriage before it starts with pre-marital counseling. Based upon the best available marriage research and his vast experience as a therapist and teacher, Rick offers couples the tools they need to build a healthy and successful marriage.


Most sexual problems exist under a cloud of secrecy. Rick is a specialist who helps individuals and couples attain freedom and deeper sexual enjoyment. Sex therapy offers real solutions for people struggling in a sexless marriage, consumed with or addicted to sex, dealing with extramarital affairs, or suffering from painful sexual experiences in the past. Today can be the beginning of the change you need. Please contact Rick for Pasadena Sex Counseling & Therapy

Pasadena Marriage Counseling | Richard Rupp



Richard Rupp, M.Div., MFT

My goal-oriented counseling sessions are designed to help you:

  • Make relationships less work and more play.
  • Experience better living and greater loving.
  • Put the fun and joy back into your life and marriage.

Call now for an initial phone consultation 626.449.1419.  Rick helps couples turn their relationship around. As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 25 years of experience, his goal is “to make your love and marriage better than ever.”

Avoid the Seven Major Causes of Divorce

If your marriage has gone from better to worse, it’s possible to make it better again. Don’t put off getting help, especially if your marriage has any of these leading causes of divorce as surveyed from divorce lawyers:

  1. Sex: Low Sex, No Sex, or Extra-marital Sex
  2. Unrealistic Expectations
  3. Money Differences: Spenders and Savers
  4. Communication: Lack of Speaking and Listening
  5. Control and Abusiveness
  6. Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  7. Lack of Commitment

List from The Divorce Lawyers’ Guide to Staying Married, (2006), by Wendy Jaffe, Esq.

If you struggle with any of these issues or others, now is the time to get help.

You might not believe it now, but your love can grow again.

save-pasadena-marriagesMany couples divorce because they assume their relationship cannot get better and they never ask for professional help. You may think you have irreconcilable differences, but I’ve seen many couples discover that those differences can be changed. The irreconcilable can become reconcilable.

Mountains of resentment and anger can slowly change to trust and affection again. Couples that haven’t touched each other for months show affection again. Misunderstandings are cleared up. Past offenses, including affairs, can be forgiven and left behind.

My goal is to make your relationship better than it was in the beginning. For more than 25 years, Richard Rupp has been helping couples in Pasadena, CA. Rick is a skilled and caring Psychotherapist who has helped hundreds of individuals, couples and families. If your marriage is stuck in pain and despair, you can find healing, freedom and hope through the honest conversations and thoughtful consideration in goal-oriented counseling sessions. In his work, Rick has witnessed couples on the brink of divorce have their love restored. Irreconcilable differences can often be reconciled. It is possible for marriages to recover and grow after an affair through dialogue and understanding. Marriage therapy can help you to improve communication, resolve conflict, learn anger management, and experience true sexual intimacy. Find help to relieve anxiety, manage financial stress in marriage, work on control issues and solve communication problems. Contact Pasadena Counseling & Therapy today to begin the change you need.

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