July 22, 2013

Pasadena Premarital Counseling

Pasadena Premarital Counseling

Here at Pasadena Premarital Counseling our sessions help couples to be happily married for a lifetime. Based upon the latest and most insightful marriage research available. You will learn the proven tools needed to keep your love alive and ever-growing.  Each fiancé’s personal and family history is explored. In order to uncover both positive and negative patterns that can help or hinder a couple’s happiness together.  Negative personality traits or habits will be discussed and addressed.  Questionnaires and a pre-marital assessment will also measure your relationship health. We look at areas such as communication, conflict resolution, sexual intimacy, finances, leisure time, faith, values, roles and expectations. All of the most important factors in your relationship will be explored and strengthened.

Save Your Marriage Before It Begins

World class athletes all have training and coaching to succeed in their sport.  Premarital counseling is coaching for success in your marriage. Your sessions will:

  • teach you the practical and proven tools of building a healthy and lasting marriage.
  • identify and explore any past, present or potential problems that need attention before the wedding.
  • Increase trust, understanding, and communication with each other.

Denying or avoiding problems or red flags before the wedding is not a wise strategy for going into marriage. We know that nearly half of American couples will divorce someday—and half of those within seven years.


Couples spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on their wedding ceremony, reception and honeymoon. Don’t forget to spend your time and investment in the most important part of all—your marriage. Call Rick today to

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