July 22, 2013

Pasadena Sex Therapy

Discover the Keys to a Healthy Sex Life

Sex therapy offers a safe and trusting place to address your sexual needs or problems. Sexual issues can be discussed that may have never been talked about before.  Couples can discover a deeper emotional and physical intimacy.

Sex and love are meant to go together—and grow together. What is your ideal sex and love life? Learn the keys to make your sexual life grow and thrive.  If you are ready for a positive change in your personal life and marriage, take the first step forward and give me a call.

Most couples staruntitledt out with desire and passion that’s over the moon.  Later on it may plummet and fall over a cliff. There are many reasons why.  Sexual issues run all over the map, from one extreme to another, from no-sex marriages to sexual addiction and affairs. Some couples don’t have sex for years.  Others never had sex on their wedding night. And some spouses are so consumed with sex that they destroy their marriages or careers, or both. Popular culture and a porn-filled internet have a destructive influence on love, sex and genuine intimacy.

Sex divorced from emotional intimacy and commitment leads to betrayal, hurts and heartbreak. STD’s cause health and intimacy problems.  And lastly, a history of childhood sexual abuse or any such kind of trauma can leave a person in shame, pain and confusion for years. It is no wonder that most sexual problems exist in secrecy and isolation.

Common issues addressed in sex therapy for individuals and couples:

  • What to do if you are in a sexless marriage.
  • Learn how to find freedom from sex addiction.
  • Identifying the underlying issues that impact your sexual life.
  • How to recover from an affair.
  • How to recover from sexual abuse.
  • How couples can find sexual satisfaction and restore the love, passion and romance in their marriage.

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