Individual therapy can help set you free from past wounds and move toward your goals in life. Common issues to explore include depression, anxiety, addictive behaviors, trauma, negative thoughts, lack of confidence, grief, faith, and losses in life. Your personal growth will give you a richer and happier life and better relationships. Give Rick a call to discuss your needs and goals at 626-449-1419.   Get started now.



Marriages that start off with hopes and happiness sometimes end up with the opposite—drifting apart or totally broken from distrust, resentment and betrayal. Passion and romance can turn into avoidance and distance. individual psychotherapy.  If your marriage has gone this direction, take this opportunity to turn it around. As a skilled marriage therapist for thirty years, Rick can help couples restore their love for one another and learn the keys to a healthy future.

Divorce lawyers have identified the seven leading causes of divorce. If you experience any of these in your marriage, call Rick before you call a lawyer. He helps couples with all of these issues and more.

The Seven Leading Causes of Divorce.

1.  Sex: Low Sex, No Sex, or Extra-marital Sex

2. Unrealistic Expectations

3. Money Differences: Spenders and Savers

4. Communication: Lack of Speaking and Listening

5. Control and Abusiveness

6. Alcohol and Drug Abuse

7. Lack of Commitment

Marriage counseling will teach you the keys to a healthy relationship, sexual intimacy, communication and resolving conflict. Start on the road back to talking, laughing and loving again. Give Rick a call at Pasadena Marriage Counseling at 626.449.1419. 




Learn what it takes to build a loving and lasting marriage. Premarital counseling gives couples a priceless advantage for their future life together. Your sessions will give you the proven keys to a healthy relationship, including how to effectively communicate and listen, manage your conflicts, enjoy your sex life, and build each other up. Sessions will also explore the histories of both partners to deepen understanding and address any potential sources for problems. Premarital assessments and questionnaires are also used to give couples a valuable picture of how well they relate to each other in communication, conflict, sex, finances, socially, and spiritually. Relationships with friends and family are also explored, including racial or cultural differences. 

Couples spend a great amount of time and money on their wedding. Be sure to invest in the most important part of all—your marriage. Give Rick a call to schedule your best marriage possible at 626-449-1419.