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Marriage Counseling

Your marriage can get closer again. Walls that go up can also come down. Marriage counseling can help you start talking again and feel more secure together. Rebuild your trust and affection. Find healing from your hurts or betrayals. Learn the proven tools and practices of a healthy and happy marriage.

Premarital Counseling

Learn what it takes to create a loving and lasting marriage. Based upon the best marriage research, you will learn what to do—and not do—to stay close for a lifetime. Premarital therapy and assessments will help you know yourself and your partner more than ever, including your unique strengths and areas that need attention.

Individual Therapy

Talk therapy can help you learn from your past, let it go, and find more personal freedom and happiness. Don’t stay stuck in old patterns, grief or addictive behaviors. Find relief for depression, anxiety, anger and other painful emotions. Become your best self yet, and see the difference in your life, relationships and reaching your goals.

Faith Based Counseling

For people whose faith is an important part of their life and values, our work together will include this valuable resource. Clients with a Christian faith can especially learn how to integrate their spiritual, emotional and relational life.

"Make your marriage even better than it was in the beginning. Couples therapy can help you recover from the hurts and teach you how to restore and deepen your love as never before." - Rick Rupp, MFT, pasadena marriage counseling

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