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Richard Rupp, M.Div., MFT, Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker

I provide a safe place for people to heal from their past, live more fully in the present, and find greater success in their personal lives and relationships. I’ve helped individuals and couples grow stronger and happier for over twenty-five years as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in Pasadena.  

I completed my graduate degree at Fuller Graduate School of Psychology, and later taught there as an adjunct professor on Psychotherapy with Men.  I also have a certificate in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy from LAISPS, the Los Angeles Institute and Society for Psychoanalytic Studies. This approach to therapy gives clients the deepest insight into their way of thinking and relating, and the keys to better relational health.

My services include individual psychotherapy, pre-marital and marriage counseling.  Issues that are commonly addressed in counseling include depression, anxiety, anger, self-criticism, bitterness and problems with relationships.  Marriage counseling includes practical instruction on better ways to communicate, work through conflicts, and build more trust and happiness.  Sex therapy addresses issues from no-sex marriages to recovery from affairs and sexual addiction.  Couples that have stopped touching each other can rekindle their desires for each other.  For engaged couples, premarital counseling helps build the foundation for a loving and lasting marriage.  Assessments and other resources offer the tools for newlyweds to use for a lifetime.

I am an expert in understanding men.  I have extensively researched about men’s unique needs, led men’s groups in psych and rehab hospitals and my practice, taught men’s workshops and conferences, and write often about men’s issues.  I co-authored a book on sex for men, What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew about Sex, (with Ryan Howes and Steve Simpson), Baker Books, 2007.  I have also done radio interviews on the book and how men can keep their sexual life alive and well with their wives.  

Just published in 2018, my second book helps boys to become men.  The Crossing Rite of Passage from Boyhood to Manhood.  The Mentor's Guide  gives fathers and men a complete training guide to raise their boys into men of charater and faith.  Suggested to be used by a small group of fathers with a small group of boys, the Mentor's Manual  and Young Men's Manual offer a history of male rites of passage, six Lessons in Manhood, an adventure outing and initiation rituals for boys to become men.  For more information and to order your copies, go to www.thecrossingriteofpassage.com.

Lastly, I have both personal and professional experience with multi-cultural and multi-racial couples, which includes my own marriage.  While these couples can find unique richness in their differences, they can also encounter unique challenges and conflict.  Over 22% of newlywed couples in California today are multi-racial, and that number keeps growing.  Having lived in the Philippines, I have particular experience with Filipino culture, as well as experience with Asian American families of Chinese and Japanese descent.  I’ve taught workshops on the generational issues that Asian American families experience, the problems with shame, and ways to bridge the generational divide.

Hopefully the above gives you a picture of my professional life.  Of more personal meaning to me, I have also been very happily married for over 25 years and am the father of two amazing young adult children. 

Give me a call to start the changes you seek in your life.  We can discuss questions about therapy and schedule your appointment. 

I look forward to talk with you about your needs and goals.  

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